A Place of Ours - 2022

A Place of Ours

Delali Cofie

“I see the boy at peace in his tree, his legs affixed, his body imitating the form of the branch he sits on. I sense his regality, I see it. It is one not ordained by any holy figure, other than the sweet invincibility of childhood.”

It is selfish to say but, within reason, we can find ownership where we find peace.

The Boy in His Tree

     A Place of Ours is a documentary style narration on the meaning of home. Featuring images captured over the last three years in my native country Ghana, it represents the evolving relevance of my home in my art practice, as a love letter and salute to the people and moments that decorate everyday life. Using portraiture and landscape photography, A Place of Ours depicts the peace, play, and subtle moments of self-expression that build the sense of nostalgia the images live in.

     Through the process of documenting, I came to consider these images as much a portrait of me, as they were of my home. Representing my growing perspectives on motifs like childhood, family, individuality and friendship. One such perspective being the evolution of masculinity from boyhood to manhood, within the context of our home, as a place where we come into being. As an anchoring point where we have some semblance of shared experiences.

     This finely curated exhibition of eleven images serves as a prelude to a photobook by the same title, releasing later this year and consisting of over 100 images.

Special thanks to Luthie & The Black Canary Cafe, Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Open Call, Photocage at OCADU, OtherSide, and my friends and family.

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